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Do you need to find more info as you have you received an IRS letter threatening levy of your assets or wage garnishment? Are you several years or more behind in filing your tax returns? Are you losing sleep at night worrying about your unresolved tax liabilities? Are you considering a national tax resolution company that advertises on the TV or radio and promises IRS settlements for “pennies on the dollar?” Has the Internal Revenue Service or the Georgia Department of Revenue notified you that they intend to audit your tax returns? Are you the owner of a business that has fallen behind on its payroll taxes? With these 4 payroll strategies you can simplify your work, apartment rent.

Attorney C. David Rowe has over ten years of experience in assisting clients with resolving outstanding tax issues with the Internal Revenue Service and the State of Georgia.  We can help you evaluate all of your available options to address your tax situation and we can even help you fill in your taxes online paycheck calculation. Many of our clients come to our initial meeting with tremendous anxiety and feeling like they are carrying a terrible burden or secret.  Almost always, our new clients leave that initial appointment with smiles and handshakes and initial steps taken toward achieving peace of mind.

We love providing peace of mind for our clients.  Often, the fear of the unknown is the worst part of having an unresolved tax problem.  After the facts are on the table and an experienced attorney lays out your options and helps you determine the best option for your situation, you can move forward confidently.  We can help you tackle your issue head-on, so that you can get it behind you and move on with your life.


“David couldn’t have been more helpful or knowledgeable resolving an urgent IRS wage garnishment issue for my husband and me. Three days after meeting with David he had the garnishment stopped, organized our financial information, set up low monthly payments for us to the IRS and handled all communications with them. What a relief to have that behind us now. It worked out just as David said it would. We could not have done it without him.”

IRS Wage Garnishment Resolution Client, Winder, GA

Sometimes, new clients will ask us what we think about the national tax resolution companies that advertise settlements for “pennies on the dollar” and other similar promises.  We answer it this way:  In over ten years of practice in this area, we have never spoken with a single person who hired one of those companies who was happy with the value they received.  However, we have spoken with many people who deeply regretted paying those companies thousands and thousands of dollars and ending up in the same position they were in before…except for thousands of more dollars in the hole.   If you would like to sit down in person with a local attorney like Lane, Hupp, & Crowley who is experienced in this area, we would be happy to meet with you.

If you are being audited by the IRS or the State of Georgia, we can represent you to help you achieve the best resolution possible.  We can also attend a meeting with an IRS Revenue Officer with you if you have been requested to appear and you would like to be represented.  We also provide advice and counsel on an hourly basis if you would like to consult with us and try to resolve the issue yourself with some professional guidance.

We have experience with Offers in Compromise, Installment Agreements, IRS payment plans, IRS audits and controversies, IRS assessments, and appeals, IRS Tax Court petitions, Georgia Department of Revenue audits and assessments, business payroll and employment tax issues, IRS wage garnishments, IRS property levies, IRS Notices of Deficiency, and numerous other tax-related issues.

If you would like to speak with a local attorney about your tax situation, call C. David Rowe at (706) 534-3676.

tax attorney c david roweDavid practices in the areas of business law, tax law, and estate planning. He has experience representing business owners in all phases of the life cycle of a business, from formation to sale or other ownership transitions. David also enjoys helping families engage in thorough estate planning to provide peace of mind and protection for future generations.

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