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Attorney C. David Rowe, P.C has years of experience offering Duluth locals with expert attorney support for business matters, tax law Duluth Ga, tax issues, or estate planning! Give us a call if you need strong attorney support in Duluth.


Are you starting a new business in Georgia? Are you a current business that is struggling with legal issues? C. David Rowe, P.C has the expertise to help you! If you need help with business entity selection and formation, tax identification numbers, shareholder agreements, tax advice, or even reviewing leases, give us a call. As a business, it is so important to accurately follow legal requirements or you could face serious consequences. Don’t be overwhelmed by the complexity of legal requirements! Call C. David Rowe, P.C!


Have you properly prepared for your estate in the event of your death? It’s not a fun question to consider, but it is extremely important. Many individuals don’t prepare a will, and leave their families with a large amount of legal hassles when they pass away. Although estate planning can be uncomfortable to talk about, it doesn’t have to be difficult! C. David Rowe, P.C has years of experience with helping Duluth residents through the process of estate planning, and he can help guide you through the process too! He works to make sure that you feel comfortable and knowledgeable through every step, and takes pride in knowing that when people leave his office they are confident about their future.


Many Duluth residents have used attorney C. David Rowe, P.C when seeking resolutions with their outstanding tax issues. With over 10 years of experience serving as a tax attorney Duluth Ga, C. David Rowe, P.C has the expertise and experience to help you evaluate all of your available options in regard to tax law. He understands that often times, people feel a great sense of anxiety about their tax issues, and don’t fully understand what is required of them or what options they have. If you find yourself confused about preparing your taxes, give us a call! Our expert support can prevent you from facing future legal issues.

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Navigating the ever-changing channels of tax law can be a complex battle. C. David Rowe, P.C. has the experience you need. His extensive knowledge has been built over the years through study and experience. Whatever the issue, he can help you find the answers to your tax questions.

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Tax Preparation Duluth GADavid practices in the areas of business law, tax law, and estate planning. He has experience representing business owners in all phases of the life cycle of a business, from formation to sale or other ownership transitions. David also enjoys helping families engage in thorough estate planning to provide peace of mind and protection for future generations.

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